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My FIRST forum... Which I abandoned.... *sniff*

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Ahhh.. the pain... I abandoned one of the most important forums that I was in. My former best and first forum friend there was SonicDash. We had so much fun together. Like with 06fan. But now, everything is gone. Please, if you want to ease my despair, make that forum alive again.

PS. I don't usually post sad stuff like this, but I thought you should know about this (I'm talking like anyone else than 06fan would read this, but, this site is merely dead too *sigh* really miss the good ol' days).

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i joined a long time ago.

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But I haven't seen you there at all. Why?

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go to your sonic fgx topic in downloads go to the end and you will see my comment

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Uuuuuhhh... OK.

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