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sonic and sega all stars racing

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1 sonic and sega all stars racing on Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:05 pm

This game does require a decent pc to play correctly, and my pc doesn't really like Fraps and lagged the game quite a bit! There are 22 parts so make sure you're ready to do this because it will take a few hours to get this game fully installed on your pc, and if you come into any problems or if any of the links become dead please tell me and I'll reupload them. Anyway, here are the download links: ?wul4ldjirdflliw Part 1 ?vlv9lslxhyehadw Part 2 ?fvomqmf0mue488f Part 3 ?tv6mpkty6jy3k81 Part 4 ?5eb5d1bek24bkra Part 5 ?63492q9bfajgnnm Part 6 ?ksu6edz059td7a6 Part 7 ?3pziz25n6ae2abf Part 8 ?l3p5r96thd3lw8n Part 9 ?ccc3m9mw4bf32cv Part 10 ?lndkmryj5jr6zx4 Part 11 ?6dbbdsednbp6gtc Part 12 ?f1rocdafp0f6n7d Part 13 ?mmt16s69s1dn112 Part 14 ?i1fvm3ooqqz2uuo Part 15 ?ihqlvr6dv45h050 Part 16 ?9gw52u4esxbj32e Part 17 ?efa3cgowqrwjiaj Part 18 ?e3kha0xam8ff4l6 Part 19 ?ta482a1mmv51wvc Part 20 ?q8b9b0b3zkbjaq1 Part 21 ?kkikam8zws8ik3a Part 22

There is multiplayer, though I would advise the use of a controller, because using the keyboard is a bit difficult. And please let me know if you have any trouble with anything and I'll help you out, you can ask down in the comments, or message me on this account.
That's it! Hope you enjoy!

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2 Re: sonic and sega all stars racing on Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:58 am

Like my computer would run this, like my Internet would be fast enough to download all those parts. By the way this game is cool, because one stage is from the infamous House of the Dead!

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